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Grease Lubrication Vs Oil Lubrication

Comparative Statement

Oil Lubrication is a positive Lubrication system and full proof. There is no chances for dry running the machine. Along with Lubrication it extract the heat generated while running the machine and keep the machine cool. This feature can not be achieved in grease lubricating machine. In fact, oil lubrication system requires very advance technology. That is the reason no any other manufacturer dared to introduce Oil Lubrication System. All Machines available in the market are grease lubricated.
Following calculation shows the difference and saving due to oil lubrication

Daily grease requirement of Rs.200/- per day = Rs.9000/- per month
Therefore per year Rs.1,08,000 /-
Compare to this in oil lubrication system we have to change oil after every 6 months.
Requirement of oil is 70 ltrs X Rs.200 = Rs.14,000 /-
Therefore yearly expenses comes to Rs.28,000/- per year

This means net saving is minimum Rs.80,000/- per year Time period for greasing results in loss of production. Assuming the time required for greasing say 20 minutes each time. Due to overheating it may require to grease twice daily. While greasing the production is held up. This is completely avoided in Oil lubrication.