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AKASHGANGA CONSTRUCTIONAL MACHINES PVT LTD, Satara, Maharashtra, India., Manufacturer Supplier Exporter of Artificial Sand Making Machines, Jaw Crushers, Cone Crushers, Special VSI Crusher, Plaster Sand Making Machines from India

VSI Crusher ( PATENTED )

Comparative Statement

Our Machines

  • Our machine bears a warrantee for Three years.
  • Rotor life of our machine is more cost is 2,500 working hours, wear cost is much less ( For 15 tons machines) wear cost Rs 2.40/ Ton
  • Production of Sand per H.P. is 10% excess than any machine. HP required 3.6 HP/ Ton
  • Oil lubrication system, which is a full proof, Better Lubrication, due to oil pump
  • Heat generated in the bearings is taken away by the circulating lub oil, gives long bearing life
  • Special floating design of bearing is in the system, which counter balances the weight of the shaft and Rotor. Bearing life is three times compared to other machines
  • Annual expenses for lubrication is not more than Rs.8,500.00. Which Saves Rs 15,000.00 per year.
  • No time wasted in lubrication, so more utilization of time and more production , so 8/9 Tons extra Production, which can increase total Profit up to 1,00,000.00 per year.
  • The top lid is having 360 d swiveling against a pivot.Easy to open in less time.
  • The Motor is having a specially designed tightening arrangement Operated by a handle, Makes easy to operate.
  • The Main shaft is specially designed and made from special steel, which gives more fatigue life.
  • A special vibration detection and Control equipment is fitted with the Machine, which do not permit to Run the machine, under vibration.
  • A special temperature meter and control unit is fitted with the machine which indicates rise in the temperature of the bearings, so protect the bearings and increases the life. Estimated bearing life about 10 years
  • A hour meter is fitted with the machine, which shows actual running of the machine.
  • A provision for dust suction system is provided to suck extra dust from the sand. ( fitting of dust unit is optional).
  • The sand manufactured from our machine strictly satisfy the requisites of IS Standards 383 and Plaster sand 1542


Other Make Machines

  • Nobody gives more than one year.
  • Rotor life of other make is not more than Wear 900 working hours. Wear cost is more.
  • Less production per H.P. Hp required more than 5 HP/ Ton

  • Grease Lubrication system requires Constant intermittent lubrication.

  • Heat is not taken out, so in summer it requires to close the unit, for cooling. This also reduces the bearing life.
  • Total load is on the bearings, less life of the bearings. More bearing failure is experienced.

  • Annual expenses on lubrication is Rs. 23,500.00 Which is much high.

  • Per day at least 30 minute are required for lubrication, so per day Less production at least 8 to 9 Tons Hence less profit.

  • Top cover requires crane or chain Pulley block.More time Is required to open the cover.
  • Requires much efforts to loose or tight the belts.

  • No special design, experiences more frequent breakage of the shaft And so bearings

  • No such unit is fitted

  • No such unit is fitted.

  • No such unit is fitted.

  • No such arrangement can be made

  • Sand must be tested and may required toning.